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Everything is better with Kindness

All organisations try to build a great culture. Whilst a few reach great heights with this, most organisations (whether they agree or not) have a culture that is just bearable at best, and some are on the other end of the spectrum with a culture that is downright toxic.

They all started with the right intent, with a vision to deliver the best products and services to the customers whilst being a great workplace for its employees. But something somewhere went wrong.

Being focussed on delivery of products and services is great because it keeps the organisation going as the revenue keeps coming in. However, a sole focus on improving productivity and extracting the most out of the employees creates an environment where they just feel used and not valued. And this actually adversely affects the productivity and therefore the quality of products and services in the long run. A quick search on the Internet lists a plethora of side effects of a culture where employees don’t feel valued or respected or engaged.

With the rise of awareness around mental health issues and related initiatives, organisations are becoming more and more open to dealing with the “human” side of business but a greater drive is required to address the root of the problem.

In my 15 years of experience, I have realised that the problem lies with the dearth of kindness in work relationships. We fully understand the importance of kindness with our family and personal relationships but when it comes to the workplace, we become all task oriented and leave the kindness at the door as we swipe our access card in the morning.

If anything, we need to be more kind in this day and age proliferated with technology and bigger work challenges. I decided to offer training workshops in this area as I saw kindness as the final frontier of workplace happiness. With this I want to help organisations address the challenges around low morale, disengaged employees, workplace stress, poor quality of products and services, lack of trust, performance issues, and ineffective teams amongst others. Whilst we have been working to improve our ways of working, we need to change our mindset to actually improve our work environment.

I don’t provide any pseudo-spiritual advice or subscribe to pop-spirituality but try to integrate kindness in your everyday work with practical methods. Instead of delivering prepackaged content, I tailor my training workshops by understanding the challenges you are looking to address and the outcomes you desire.

Please contact me at so we can work together to make your workplace a happy place.

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