Kindness in the Time of Crises

Australia is no stranger to crises. And there has been a spate of them recently. 2019 saw droughts followed by floods followed by bushfires in late 2019 and start of 2020. And we are in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic. And there are talks of an economic recession now. Some of us can weather mostContinue reading “Kindness in the Time of Crises”

Your Work Culture is Killing Employee Satisfaction and Productivity

The New Year break is long over, the school holidays are over too, and you have settled back into your job. You started this year with the “new year, new me” resolve but things seem to be the same at work. Same problems, same people, same frustrations. It feels like 2019 all over again. YouContinue reading “Your Work Culture is Killing Employee Satisfaction and Productivity”