Blissful Work

We spend most of our time awake with our co-workers than with our family.

That’s reason enough to strive to make our time and work Blissful.

About Blissful Work

My Approach

Organisations are finding it harder and harder to create an environment where the human side of business is not ignored in their relentless pursuit of products and services that delight the customers.

I help with this by bridging the final frontier of a happy work culture – Kindness. I offer practical advice and methods that can be integrated into your everyday work which can improve the quality of life at work and even make it Blissful.

Training Workshops

One Day Training

Perfect for your staff to be fully immersed and build a solid foundation

Half Day Training

Includes selected parts of full day training to fit your time and availability constraints

Lunch + Learn Sessions

Bite-sized trainings delivered over multiple 60-minute sessions incrementally

Bespoke Training

Fully customised content to suit your organisational needs and constraints best

About Me

Rajat Bhalla

I am an Organisational Coach but not the kind you might be familiar with. I help organisations foster a kinder environment which makes it a happier and more productive workplace. I leverage my extensive corporate and coaching experience to provide methods that work.

I am an industrious professional with over 15 years of experience in the corporate world doing some form of coaching. I have always had a keen interest in ways of working and work relationships and I’m passionate about making the workplace a happy place.

How I Can Help

Improving the culture and making work worthwhile for everyone is a gradual process. But more often than not, an external force is required to get us out of organisational inertia, a seed needs to be sown for the new culture to grow organically. Through my training workshops, I intend to address the following:


Low Morale


Job Stress


Performance Issues


Lack of Trust


Ineffective Teams

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